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DSCN0804 Tehillah Gospel Assembly  in Kamlagu          Tehillah Gospel Assembly building located in Kamlagu Village, Siaya. Kenya

TGA has plans to completely renovate this building this year. 
This building was the first church built for TGA.  TGA also  considers this building our Jerusalem for this is where the Bishop Martin Odak was born.  This one acre of land is owned by the ministry .  This is a rural area.  The ministry would like to build a suitable church that would meet the needs of the community.  Here is a projected plan and  estimated cost for the project.  It is our prayer that the project gets finished by the end of this year .
DSCN0801 Tehillah Gospel Assembly  in Kamlagu
Currently the dimensions of this building is 360 square feet and it is made up of mud and tree post which is not a stable structure.  The door is made up of a piece of tin.
The new building is going to be 1,500 square feet.
Our main reason for expanding this building is to start a community Nursery school. This will be the back to God project in this community.
Tehillah Gospel Assembly prays that God in His own ways may talk to His people to help bring this plan come to pass. Amen
Please contact us through the address below if God gives you a heart to help.  

Bishop Martin Odak
3228 Tyrrell Dr.
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Email: revodak@yahoo.com
TGA office     tehila2007@yahoo.com

If you are in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, please contact our East African Overseer .

BJoshua Elisha Higenyi
Tehillah Gospel Assembly 
Associate Bishop Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
Located in Kayole Nairobi.

P.O.Box 73883--00200
Nairobi Kenya.

Email: tgachurch.kayole@yahoo.com
Tel:  +254 722228217

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